CLF Launches “Slippery” Ad Campaign Against Scott Peters

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “Slippery” in California’s 52nd congressional district race, animating Scott Peters’ reckless fiscal record in San Diego and Congress.

As a member of the San Diego City Council, Scott Peters voted to underfund the city’s pension system, helping nearly bankrupt the city and pocketing a taxpayer-funded car allowance for his BMW. Now in Congress, Scott Peters has been profiting from investments in companies oversees in Congress.

The ad will air on San Diego broadcast and cable TV as part of CLF’s $550,000 independent expenditure campaign in the CA-52 race. The “Slippery” ad campaign will also include a 15-second version for online advertising.

“Scott Peters helped drive San Diego into the ditch, and now he’s taking taxpayers for another wild ride in Congress,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for Congressional Leadership Fund. “San Diegans have seen that Scott Peters puts his own pockets first, and they can’t afford his slippery record in Congress.”

:30 Script:

ANNCR: Why did the press call Congressman Scott Peters “Slippery”?

Maybe because on the City Council, he charged taxpayers for his BMW expenses,

and helped create the pension crisis that nearly bankrupted San Diego.

Or because they found out Peters has been profiting from industries he oversees in Congress.

So while we already knew Slippery Scott Peters was bad for San Diego,

He’s become everything that’s wrong with Washington DC.

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