CLF Launches “Showdown” Ad Campaign Against Pete Gallego (TX-23)

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “Showdown” in Texas’ 23rd congressional district race, confronting liberal Congressman Pete Gallego on his Obamacare support at the expense of Texans.

In Congress, Pete Gallego has been a staunch Obamacare defender, repeatedly voting against relief from the health care law that’s costing Texas families and jobs.

Airing on San Antonio broadcast and cable, the ad is part of the combined $1 Million in independent expenditures from CLF and its sister organization, American Action Network. The “Showdown” ad campaign will also include online advertising.

Gallego faces former CIA officer and center-right rising star Will Hurd in November.

View the :15 online ad here.

“Instead of standing up for Texans, Pete Gallego sided with President Obama and fought for his health care law even though it’s hurting Texans with costs they can’t afford,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for the Congressional Leadership Fund. “The last thing Texans need in Congress is a liberal like Pete Gallego to defend Obamacare while they pay the price.”


ANNCR: Obamacare and Texas: A showdown worth fighting

But Pete Gallego wasn’t on our side.

Gallego supported Obamacare.

Higher premiums for Texans.

Higher taxes, forcing small business to cut jobs

A two trillion dollar price tag. Reckless and wrong.

And yet Gallego still defends it…

…Voting to keep Obamacare in place.

Pete Gallego: Wrong on Obamacare. Too liberal for Texas.

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The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) is the super PAC dedicated exclusively to preserving and expanding the Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. From 2011-2012, CLF raised a combined $55 million with its sister-organization, the American Action Network (AAN), a 501c4 primarily focused on advocating for center-right policy solutions. Additionally, the Sunlight Foundation rated the $21 million in independent expenditures spent by AAN & CLF the #1 and #2 Highest “Returns on Investment” of conservative groups. The super PAC’s board is chaired by former Senator and American Action Network Chairman Norm Coleman (R-MN) and includes Fred Malek and former NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY). CLF is an independent-expenditure super PAC that operates independently of any federal candidate or officeholder.