CLF Launches Robo-Call Campaign in Response to Jobs Report

Economic-Focused Call Using Biden’s Remarks Will Target High-Propensity Undecided Voters in 15 Districts

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) today launched a robo-call campaign in 15 districts across the country holding Democrats accountable for the failed policies that have built 7.8% unemployment, with just 114,000 jobs added this month. The call, which focuses on the negative effects for the family economy, will reach high-propensity undecided voters in these 15 congressional races: Adler (NJ-03), Bishop (NY-01), Boswell (IA-03), Esty (CT-05), Gallego (TX-23), Gill (IL-13), Hochul (NY-27), Horsford (NV-04), McDowell (MI-01), McIntyre (NC-07),Oceguera (NV-03), Owens (NY-21), Slaughter (NY-25), Sutton (OH-16), Vilsack (IA-04)

“Democrats deserve to be held responsible for the policies that are burying the middle class and will lead to lost jobs and higher family costs,” said CLF Communications Director Dan Conston.  “In this last month, we’ll make sure they are.”


I am calling on behalf of the Congressional Leadership Fund to tell you about the weak new jobs report.

With just 114,000 jobs added, it’s yet another failure of policies supported by Obama and Kathy Hochul.

But we don’t need a jobs report to know that these failed economic policies are hurting family’s bottom lines.

We’ve been buried in it.

A failed stimulus that created debt, but not the jobs it promised in the area.

A healthcare law that will punish our families with new taxes & higher premiums.

And yet another healthcare tax that could ship local jobs to China.

Vice President Biden said the middle class has been buried the last four years. He’s right.

And what’s Kathy Hochul and Barack Obama’s plan for your economy?

More of the same.

We can’t afford Kathy Hochul in Congress. The economy would suffocate.

Paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund, 202-370-3458, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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