CLF Launches New Ads in 14 Congressional Districts

Congressional Leadership Fund, the Super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership, launched new television ads in 14 House races today. The new ads spotlight Democratic congressional candidates’ alarming records on a number of problems from corruption scandals and a bailout of the company responsible for the largest wildfire in CA history, to tax massive hikes and policies that put the safety of our communities at risk.

The new ads will run on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms and can be viewed below.

“Democrats will put an end to the middle class with their reckless plans to rip even more money out of working families’ paychecks and eliminate critical job-creating industries,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Americans are already having a tough time, but the Democrats radical agenda would be a disaster for our economy and stunt our recovery from this pandemic.”

CA-25 – “Wildfires

OR-04 – “Forgotten

OK-05 – “Good Game

NM-02 – “Oil & Gas

NY-22 – “Lied

NV-03 – “Cycle

NY-24 – “White Van

VA-07 – “Answers

NE-02 – “Extremist

AR-02 – “Bad Enough

AK-AL – “Hide” 

IL-13 – “Lessons

IN-05 – “Dangerous

TX-22 – “Doubling