CLF Launches Final TV Ad “Stand” Against Rob Quist in Montana

Final ad highlights Quist’s history of financial dishonesty and ties to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda

 WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released its fifth and final TV ad “Stand,” against liberal Rob Quist in Montana’s special election race. The ad highlights how Quist can’t be trusted as his words fail to match his actions. The ad features Quist singing to “stand” with Montanans, yet his history of bad debts, tax liens, and stiffing a Montana contractor tell a different story.

“From day one, CLF set out to define Rob Quist for who he really is – an untrustworthy and dishonest liberal with a guitar. The issue is not Quist going through tough times, but his irresponsible and dishonest response to those circumstances,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “Montanans know actions speak louder than words. Despite his song lyrics, Quist has proved he would stand with Nancy Pelosi’s failed liberal agenda, not with Montanans.”

The ad closes out CLF’s now $2.5 million independent expenditure campaign in Montana’s special election race. The ad will air in the Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula media markets beginning Friday, May 19. CLF’s robust efforts in the race include TV and digital advertising, as well as a mail and field program of 50 door knockers targeting 75,000 households by Election Day, May 25.


ROB QUIST: Stand with me,

I will stand up for you.

ANNCR: Rob Quist is folksy.

But with his long pattern of bad debts and tax liens –

Even stiffing a contractor who did work on his home 

Quist doesn’t stand with you.

And in Washington, Quist would stand with Nancy Pelosi and her liberal, out-of-touch agenda…

not Montana.

You wouldn’t trust Pelosi with your vote.

Why trust Rob Quist?

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