CLF Launches “95 Percent” Ad Campaign Against Carol Shea-Porter

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “95 Percent” in New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district race, showing Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s hyper-partisan record of rubberstamping Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats’ policies.

In 2010, Carol Shea-Porter proudly voted with President Obama 90% of the time. Now four years later and without remorse, she’s still championing the liberal Pelosi agenda, including voting for higher taxes, more spending, and congressional perks such as taxpayer-funded lifetime health care.

The ad will air on Boston broadcast and cable TV and Manchester broadcast TV as part of CLF’s $1.6 Million in independent expenditures in the NH-01 race. “95 Percent” will also feature a 15-second version for online advertising.

View the :30 TV ad here.

View the :15 online ad here.

“Carol Shea-Porter lost once because she was too partisan for New Hampshire, but incredibly, she hasn’t changed a bit,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for Congressional Leadership Fund. “She’s still a proud partisan who puts Pelosi’s far-left liberal agenda ahead of Granite Staters.”

:30 Script:

ANNCR: This is Carol Shea-Porter in 2010.

SHEA-PORTER: I have about a ninety percent rating with the president.

ANNCR: After years in Washington, Shea-Porter hasn’t learned a thing.

She’s still rubberstamping Nancy Pelosi’s partisan agenda, voting with Democrats ninety-five percent.

Higher taxes. More spending. And sweet perks for congress, like taxpayer-funded health care for life.

Carol Shea-Porter. Ninety-five percent with Pelosi’s Democrats. A hundred percent wrong for New Hampshire.

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