CLF Launches 22 New TV Ads in 21 Congressional Districts

WASHINGTON — Congressional Leadership Fund, the Super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership, released twenty-two new TV ads this morning across 21 Congressional Districts. The new ads, which cover a variety of issues, expose Democrats’ alarming records on out-of-control spending, tax hikes and rising crime while showing how they’ve fallen out of touch with families back home. 

“Americans are seeing first-hand the consequences of Democrat rule: soaring crime, skyrocketing inflation and bailouts for elites on the backs of working families,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Americans cannot afford more of Democrats’ failed policies.”

CT-05: “Completely Delusional”

PA-17: “Professor”

CA-47: “Clueless”

TX-28: “Las Lomas”

OR-05: “Moved”

NJ-07: “Blows”

NY-18: “Solidarity”

CA-13: “Connections”

CA-22: “Pampered”

CA-27: “She’s Back”

CA-45: “Not For You”

MI-03: “Shattered”

MI-10: “Disturbing”

MN-02: “Kistner For Congress”

MN-02: “The Price”

NE-02: “Crazy”

NM-02: “Crime”

OH-13: “The Victims”

TX-15: “Platform”

VA-02: “Reckless”

WA-08: “Spending Spree”

WI-03: “They”