CLF Doubles Down on Ossoff’s West Coast Ties in New TV Ad, “Golden Gate”

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today unveiled its latest TV ad, “Golden Gate,” against liberal Jon Ossoff. The ad doubles down on Ossoff’s loyalty to Nancy Pelosi and ties to West Coast liberal donors, considering 95 percent of Ossoff’s donors live outside of Georgia, with the highest concentration residing in California.

“Nancy Pelosi knows Jon Ossoff will be a rubber stamp for her extreme liberal agenda, and that’s the reason Bay Area liberals have contributed more to Ossoff’s campaign than people in Georgia,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “Georgia can’t afford the Pelosi-Ossoff agenda of more taxes, bigger government and a weakened military. Ossoff may be the darling of West Coast liberals, but he’s completely out-of-touch with Georgia’s sixth district.” 

This is CLF’s second ad in the runoff in Georgia’s sixth district special election. The ad will air in the Atlanta media market beginning Monday, May 22, as part of CLF’s $6.5 million independent expenditure campaign. Along with TV, radio, and digital advertising, CLF has a robust field operation of 90 full-time door knockers targeting 200,000 households by June 20. 

 View the ad here



ANNCR: There’s a reason Bay Area liberals have contributed more to Jon Ossoff’s campaign than people in Georgia.

He’s one of us.

Ossoff and Pelosi?

That’s a dream team.

San Francisco hearts Ossoff.

Higher taxes? Bigger Government? Sweet.

Ossoff and Pelosi want to weaken the military.

Not like we’re fighting a war or anything.

Nancy Pelosi and Jon Ossoff will get it done.

Georgia, make San Francisco proud.

Send Jon Ossoff to Congress.

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