CLF Congratulates Speaker John Boehner

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund Chairman and former Senator Norm Coleman (MN) released the following statement after the House of Representatives re-elected John Boehner Speaker of the House:

“Congratulations to Speaker Boehner as the indispensable leader of the People’s House. He has taken House Republicans from a deep minority to the largest Republican majority since 1928. Under Speaker Boehner’s leadership, Republicans are advancing common-sense conservative solutions to our nation’s great challenges. This Congress faces many challenges but also great opportunities to get things done for the good of all Americans. Speaker Boehner is our best hope in fighting to ensure that America’s best days lie ahead.”

Congressional Leadership Fund is the House GOP super PAC exclusively dedicated to preserving and growing the House Republican Majority. CLF, along with its sister 501(c)(4) American Action Network, spent $20 million in independent expenditures on U.S. House races in October 2014.