CLF Begins Ad Campaign Against Ami Bera: Lie of the Year

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “Lie of the Year” in California’s 7th congressional district race, confronting Ami Bera with his own words to expose his support for Obamacare, a law full of lies.

During a congressional debate this month, Ami Bera said, “How many times does someone have to call something a lie until you stop telling it?” That’s a good question for Ami Bera, who has a record of supporting Obamacare even as Californians have been hit with canceled plans and loss of doctors. Despite the promise “if you like your plan, you can keep it” earning PolitiFact’s “lie of the year,” Ami Bera still stands by the law.

This broadcast TV and online advertising buy is part of CLF’s $1 million independent expenditure campaign in the CA-07 race. CLF’s sister organization, American Action Network, is spending $1.2 Million in the race, beginning last week with the ad “Unwelcome.

View the :30 TV ad here.

View the :15 online ad here.

“If Ami Bera wants to direct truth traffic, he should start with his record of supporting the Obamacare law that’s full of lies,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for Congressional Leadership Fund. “Ami Bera would rather vote with his pal Nancy Pelosi to support Obamacare than stand up for California families hurt by lost plans and doctors.”

:30 Script:

AMI BERA: “…how many times does someone have to call something a lie until you stop telling it…”

ANNCR: Ami, that’s a good question.

They said…

If we like our doctors, our plans, we could keep them.

But it turned out to be the Lie of the Year.

Yet Ami Bera voted with Nancy Pelosi to support Obamacare,

even as families lost their plans and doctors.

Ami Bera. We can’t afford any more of the lies.

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