CLF Announces $1.3 Million Campaign Against Morgan Carroll

Independent Expenditure Includes TV and Digital Advertising

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today announced plans to spend $1.3 million in Colorado’s 6th congressional district race against extreme liberal Morgan Carroll. The independent expenditure will include TV advertising in the Denver media market and digital advertising starting October 25 through Election Day.

“Morgan Carroll will have to answer for her support of the failed Obama-Clinton agenda that has left hardworking families behind,” said Ruth Guerra, spokeswoman for CLF. “Voters need to look no further than Carroll’s embrace of the disastrous Iran deal, closing GITMO even if it brings terrorist detainees to Colorado, or doubling-down on government-run healthcare to know her views are too extreme for the 6th district.”

CLF has already put Morgan Carroll’s extreme partisanship in its sights, tying Carroll to the unpopular Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a campaign launched this summer. CLF’s total announced general election spending to date is over $22 million across 17 congressional races. CLF and its sister organization, American Action Network, remain the single largest outside conservative spenders on the U.S. House.

Founded in 2011, Congressional Leadership Fund is the super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership and dedicated exclusively to preserving and expanding the Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. CLF, along with its sister organization, 501(c)(4) American Action Network, spent $20 million in independent expenditures on U.S. House races in 2014. CLF is an independent-expenditure super PAC that operates independently of any federal candidate or officeholder.