CLF Airs New Ad In CA-48 Highlighting Harley Rouda’s Shady Business Dealings

Harley Rouda’s company made millions of dollars from sweatshop labor and outsourced American jobs to China

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released a new T.V. ad, “Shady,” in California’s 48th Congressional District. The ad highlights Harley Rouda’s involvement in a company that made millions of dollars by outsourcing American jobs to sweatshops in China. The ad will run on television and digital platforms in the Los Angeles media market.

“While Harley Rouda’s business made millions of dollars, Americans lost their jobs and laborers in the Chinese sweatshops reportedly worked seven days a week for five dollars a day,” said Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman. “Harley Rouda is a shady businessman who is more concerned about getting rich than protecting American jobs – California workers cannot trust him in Congress.”

Watch the ad, “Shady,” here.


VO: There’s something shady about Harley Rouda.

Rouda was an investor and corporate director in a business that outsourced American jobs to China.

Once in China, Rouda’s business made millions from sweatshop labor…

…reports show they worked people seven days a week…

…paying them five dollars a day.



Getting rich while Americans lost their jobs.

Shady Harley Rouda puts himself first.