CLF & AAN Shatter Prior Fundraising Records, Raising Combined $110 Million In 2021

CLF Doubles Prior Fundraising Record; Heads Into 2022 Midterms In Exceptionally Strong Financial Shape

WASHINGTON — The Congressional Leadership Fund and American Action Network announced this morning that they raised a combined $110 million haul for 2021, smashing its previous all-time record of $66 million raised between the two entities. CLF, the House Republican super PAC, which is endorsed by Leader Kevin McCarthy, Whip Steve Scalise, and all of House GOP Leadership, not only doubled its previous record for fundraising in the off-year, but also heads into 2022 with over two-times more cash on hand than ever before.

“We’ve shattered every record this year, which is a testament to the turbo-charged enthusiasm behind our effort to win the House and stop out-of-control Democrat rule,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “CLF heads into 2022 with the beginnings of a war chest and firepower to expand the battlefield deep into Democrat territory and win the Majority for Republicans.”

Key Highlights:

CLF more than doubled its prior off-year fundraising record, pulling in $65.5 million in 2021 versus $32.6 million in 2019.

AAN & CLF amassed a combined $110 million, shattering the prior record of $66 million by $44 million dollars.

CLF will report $61.18 million cash on hand, a 218% increase from its prior off-year cash on hand record of $28 million.