CLF & AAN Raise Record-Breaking $112 Million in 2023

Congressional Leadership Fund and American Action Network today announced raising a staggering combined total of $112 million in 2023, breaking the groups’ previous off-year combined fundraising record from 2021. The two entities raised a combined $32 million in the final two months of the year after Mike Johnson became Speaker and endorsed CLF. Johnson was on eight CLF-related fundraising trips as a special guest, continuing a pace Kevin McCarthy made famous.

“Kevin McCarthy helped us build an incredible donor foundation, and Speaker Mike Johnson has aggressively hit the ground running in impressive fashion with a strong response,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “We have incredible incumbents in the toughest races and possibly the best recruiting class yet. With the right resources, we will be in a strong position to hold and grow our majority.”

Key Highlights:

  • Congressional Leadership Fund is the super PAC endorsed by all of House Republican Leadership.
  • Democrats’ House Majority PAC and House Majority Forward announced raising a combined $76 million in 2023, $36 million less than CLF and AAN.
  • CLF & AAN beat the previous off-year fundraising record of $110 million in 2021 by $2 million.
  • In 2019, the last presidential cycle off-year, AAN and CLF raised a combined $68 million.