In Case You Missed It – CLF Issues 2018 Election Memo: Where We Are Now

Read full memo here.

CLF “Warns House Republicans: Don’t Get Complacent.” “The super PAC aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is warning Republicans against complacency amid a brightening economic outlook and polls that suggest the GOP is in better shape for the midterms.” (David Drucker, “Paul Ryan’s super PAC warns House Republicans: Don’t get complacent,” Washington Examiner, 1/25/18).

“Super PAC Memo: House GOP Still Has To Sell Tax Cuts.” “A new memo from a top super PAC dedicated to helping preserve the GOP’s House majority bluntly warns Republicans can’t succeed next November unless they convince the public the party’s signature tax reform law helps the middle class, something of which voters in key districts remain deeply skeptical… The first step towards holding the House, Bliss writes, is convincing voters the GOP slashed their taxes with the December passage of the tax bill.” (Kevin Robillard, “Super PAC memo: House GOP still has to sell tax cuts,” POLITICO, 1/24/18).

Super PAC Warns, “No Positive Outcome In November” If Republicans Don’t Sell Tax Plan. “’Since the passage of tax reform, both public and private polling show signs of an improving environment—but Republicans still face a challenging environment and history suggests we should lose the House,’ warned the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with House GOP leadership, in a memo last week. ‘There is no positive outcome in November if we do not show that we cut taxes for the middle class and are working to make their lives better. Period.’” (Katherine Glueck, “Conservatives at Koch gathering worry economy won’t be enough in 2018,” McClatchy, 1/29/18).

CLF Calls For “Strategic Approach To November’s Midterms.”“The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) issued a memo exhorting Republicans on a strategic approach to November’s midterms, including hammering away at Nancy Pelosi, ‘the most unpopular politician in the country.’” (Mark Swanson, “Paul Ryan Super PAC: Pelosi Is a ‘Gift’ to GOP in Midterm,” Newsmax, 1/25/18).

Republicans “Echo CLF’s Call To Effectively Message On The Tax Law.” “Republicans were given the jarring message Thursday in the form of a memo from the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC focused on maintaining the House GOP’s majority, which said the tax law is the only salvation for the GOP…According to the memo, CLF polled 69 congressional districts and found that the tax bill is underwater in 52 of the districts. They also found a plurality of voters in 50 districts believe the bill will raise their taxes. Despite the polling, Republicans are optimistic about the tax law’s impact on the midterm elections in just over 10 months, but echo CLF’s call to effectively message on the tax law.” (Al Weaver, “GOP gets new marching orders: Sell the new tax law,” Washington Examiner, 1/26/18).