Carol Shea-Porter Wants An Even More Extreme Version of Obamacare

In case you missed Carol Shea-Porter’s town hall event on Saturday, she let Granite Staters know that even after seeing how much of a disaster Obamacare has been, she thinks there should be an even more extreme version of the law – one with a “public option.”
Despite the government’s role in broken promises, higher health care costs and fewer choices, Carol Shea-Porter had this to say about the troubles New Hampshire is facing:
“There should have been a public option.” Carol Shea-Porter, January 11, 2014  
If there’s one thing Carol Shea-Porter takes away from the current Obamacare disaster, it’s that MORE government is needed in health care, not less.
So despite a couple of token votes recently for cover on Obamacare’s consequences, Carol Shea-Porter just can’t help herself but reveal that she’s as far left as she ever was.
As you may remember, in 2010 after Obamacare was signed into law Carol Shea-Porter co-sponsored a bill to add a “public option” to the Affordable Care Act. For a far-left liberal like Carol Shea-Porter, there just wasn’t enough government control in health care already with Obamacare. And apparently for her there still isn’t.
The Bottom Line:  
Carol Shea-Porter is doubling-down as a champion of government-run health care while Granite Staters are suffering under Obamacare’s broken promises, higher costs and fewer choices. Granite Staters rejected Carol Shea-Porter’s extreme agenda in 2010, and the political forecast for a government-run health care champion isn’t good in 2014 either.