Carol Shea-Porter: Obamacare “great joy and triumph”

Someone tell Carol Shea-Porter that the Obama Administration’s ACA champion contest was last year. Because yesterday, Reuters reported on Carol Shea-Porter’s latest Obamacare cheering exhibition:

[Carol] Shea-Porter, a former social worker who came to Congress in 2006 campaigning on healthcare reform, said she would never run away from Obamacare because she considers the law to be a “great joy and triumph.” “I am always going to support it,” she said.

Despite recent run-for-cover votes on Obamacare, Carol Shea-Porter has now decided to run her 2014 race as the die-hard Obamacare champion she’s always truly been. As if coming to terms with her ownership of the law, she’s now producing public spectacles singing Obamacare’s praises to the high heavens.

Last week, Carol Shea-Porter held an event in Somersworth to promote success stories “from newly insured families and thank local counselors for helping people sign up for ‘Obamacare.’” (Portsmouth Patch, 05/05/14)

So perhaps she believes if she cheers loud enough and long enough about the “great joy and triumph” of Obamacare, she’ll somehow rewrite the law’s failure that’s caused a majority of Granite Staters to oppose Obamacare.

The Bottom Line:
Now that Carol Shea-Porter has publicly vowed to always support Obamacare and never run away from it, she’s on a mission to gild this unworkable law in a desperate attempt to save her career. But no amount of public cheerleading from Carol Shea-Porter will change Granite Staters’ firsthand knowledge of Obamacare’s broken promises, higher costs and fewer choices.