Carol Shea-Porter Joins Benghazi Stonewalling

“What difference at this point does it make?”Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi attacks, January 2013

Carol Shea-Porter seems to agree – since last night she voted against establishing a select House committee to find out the truth.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Washington Democrats, Carol Shea-Porter is joining the Obama Administration’s stonewalling operation that has left Americans with more questions than answers.

Just last week, Americans learned that the White House strategized to blame protests “rooted in an Internet video” – an inaccurate claim that begs questions of politically-motivated deception.

Yet Carol Shea-Porter would rather cover for Washington Democrats than allow one bipartisan committee to get to the bottom of the facts.

The Bottom Line:
Carol Shea-Porter’s hyper-partisan vote against a bipartisan Benghazi investigation committee is more evidence that Nancy Pelosi and President Obama can count on her no matter the cost. Granite Staters deserve a leader in Congress who will fight for accountability in government instead of just enabling more stonewalling.