Carol Shea-Porter: If you like your coverage…

“If you like your coverage, you can keep it.”

That’s what Carol Shea-Porter said in March 2010, repeating President Obama’s infamous promise.

But now a bombshell investigation shows that this claim was little more than a calculated lie.

  • NBC News reports that the Obama Administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance.

From the beginning, it was clear that Americans would lose current coverage under the health care law Carol Shea-Porter championed.

But it gets worse. In 2010, the Obama Administration wrote more regulations, ensuring that millions more would lose their health coverage.

All the while repeating the same lie: if you like your coverage, you can keep it.  And more headlines this morning yield even more damaging evidence:

  • CBS News: More Than 2 Million People Getting Booted From Existing Health Insurance Plans
  • Washington Post: Carney Admits Some Americans Will Lose Existing Plans Under Health Care Law

The plain truth is that families in New Hampshire and across the nation are losing their health coverage, thanks to Carol Shea-Porter’s vote for Obamacare.

Yes, Carol Shea-Porter sold Granite Staters a bill of goods full of fallacious promises. Isn’t it time she starts answering for the false advertising?

The Bottom Line:
Carol Shea-Porter peddled Obamacare with the false promise that Granite Staters could keep their current coverage at lower cost. Now millions losing coverage and higher new policy prices are exposing Carol Shea-Porter’s false advertising. It’s time Carol Shea-Porter has an honest conversation with New Hampshire families about the real consequences of the health care law she championed.