Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt

Good morning,

Just one week left before Election Day yet there is unfortunately no shortage of Carol Shea-Porter tax or spending increases to itemize.  Today, the Congressional Leadership Fund released the latest Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt, detailing the ludicrous handouts and pet projects Shea-Porter advocated for when she voted for the Pelosi stimulus.

How did the Shea-Pelosi Stimulus spend Granite Stater’s hard-earned tax dollars?

  • A Museum to Honor Mules in California
  • A Shrimp Study in Louisiana
  • Funds for the Napa Valley Wine Train
  • Study of the Learning Pattern of Honeybees
  • Study of Mating Decisions of Cactus Bugs
  • Funds for a Martini Bar and Brazilion Steakhouse
  • Study of Marijuana and Malt Liquor Consumption
  • Abandoned Train Station Converted Into Museum
  • A Study of Drunk Mice
  • Interactive Dance Software Development
  • Forest Service to Replace Windows in Visitor Center Closed in 2007


The Shea-Pelosi tax receipt is featured today on NH Journal and highlights her misuse of New Hampshire tax dollars.

While Granite Staters struggled under the weight of Carol Shea-Porter’s tax increases, Shea-Porter was busy funding martini bars and wine trains, courtesy of New Hampshire taxpayers.

New Hampshire families simply cannot afford two years of being taxed to death under the Shea-Pelosi regime.