Brad Schneider’s “Green” Energy

Did you see the dollar signs in Brad Schneider’s eyes last weekend?

On Saturday, Congressman Brad Schneider held a “Green Energy Summit” to discuss combatting climate change by “investing” in clean, renewable energy sources.  As the video shows, Brad Schneider read his recycled talking points decrying America’s dependence on fossil fuels and the urgent need for alternative energy.

But the real green Brad Schneider sees is the money he makes from investments in coal, oil and gas industries. Here’s a sampling of the Schneider family’s past and present energy investments:

• Up to $15,000 worth of investments in Hornbeck Offshore Services (Oilfield and Offshore)

• Up to $15,000 worth of investments in Tetra Technologies (Oil and Gas Services)

• Up to $250,000 worth of investments in Exxon Mobil

• Up to $15,000 worth of investments sold in Tesoro Corp (Largest U.S. Independent Oil Refiners)

• Up to $15,000 worth of investments sold in Peabody Energy Corp (World’s Largest Private-Sector Coal Company)

• Up to $15,000 worth of investments sold in Arch Coal (One Of The World’s Largest Coal Producers And Marketers)

And that’s just the beginning of Brad Schneider’s green hypocrisy. See his 2013 and 2014 financial disclosure reports for even more examples.

Of course, this is far from the first time Brad Schneider’s rhetoric has failed to match his financial resources. Just this month we learned that the Schneider household was profiting from the Koch brothers’ business while he attacked their resources.

The Bottom Line:

Brad Schneider’s real definition of “green” energy is the money he lines his pockets with from the coal, oil and gas resources he disparages.  When he can’t get away with hiding his financial information, Brad Schneider’s hypocrisy becomes clear. Between his hypocritical rhetoric and hollow record in Congress, it’s no wonder only 28% of Brad Schneider’s constituents approve of his job performance.