Brad Schneider Staying Silent…

It’s been nearly a week since news broke of yet another federal criminal investigation into corruption and misuse of taxpayer dollars by an Illinois governor… and so far there’s not even been a peep from Congressman Brad Schneider.


Illinoisans are sick and tired of corruption out of Springfield. As the Chicago Tribune editorialized:

Allegations of illegal patronage hiring and funneling of tax money for political gain … the voters of Illinois have had their fill of that. No one needs a reminder that Quinn’s predecessor sits in a federal prison in Colorado, and his predecessor did his own stint in a federal prison.

So why hasn’t Brad Schneider spoken out on Gov. Quinn’s “political slush fund” yet? Is it because they’re ballot buddies this November?   

When voters go to the polls this November, the Democratic ticket in IL-10 includes Quinn and Schneider. Unable to ride President Obama’s electoral coattails this year, Schneider needs all the help he can get from his ballot buddy, scandal-plagued Gov. Pat Quinn.

Brad Schneider claimed he would be a different kind of public leader, vowing “no nonsense. No political games.” So where is Brad Schneider now that his Democratic ticket mate is under criminal investigation?

The Bottom Line:

Congressman Brad Schneider’s silence on the latest investigation of Illinois corruption and taxpayer abuse is deafening. It’s time he stood up for Chicagoland residents, spoke out on the potentially criminal political slush fund and stopped carrying water for his ballot buddy Pat Quinn.