Will Josh Riley return the $30K from shadow progressive groups?

damning report from the Washington Examiner revealed that failed Democrat candidates were getting paid to run for Congress a second time by secret progressive groups.

A liberal organization is running an operation to “ensure repeat Democratic congressional hopefuls get paychecks between runs” and ran a similar scheme in 2019, which “drew legal scrutiny from campaign experts for cutting large checks to failed candidates.” 

And which failed Democrat candidate is on the payroll of these secret progressive groups? 

None other than D.C. insider Josh Riley. 

Ally of far-left radical Al Franken, Josh Riley pocketed $30,000 in 2023.

Riley has promised to fight for working families, not special interests… but that was clearly a lie. Will he own up to it and return the money?

“D.C. insider Josh Riley continues to show New Yorkers his campaign is a farce. He’s not for the people, he’s literally bought and paid for by special interests,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “If he continues to claim otherwise, he should return the money he was paid immediately.” 

Read the full investigative report here.