Why don’t House Dems want to pay their taxes?

Despite Democrats voting to double the size of the IRS and increase taxes on middle class Americans, it seems no House Democrats want to actually pay their fair share.

In recent weeks, Democrats have stacked up headlines a mile high for failing to pay what they owe, including:

  • HAKEEM JEFFRIES: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries pays just $200 in property taxes thanks to sweetheart subsidy law
  • GREG LANDSMAN: Tax-Hiking Dem Under Fire For Unpaid Taxes
  • MATT CARTWRIGHT: Vulnerable House Dem Penalized for Late Property Tax Payments
  • CHRIS DELUZIO: Pennsylvania Dem Neglected To Pay Property Taxes
  • VICENTE GONZALEZ: U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez And His Wife Defied Property Tax Law For Eight Years By Claiming Two Homestead Exemptions
  • STEVEN HORSFORD: Rep. Steven Horsford Didn’t Pay His Fair Share While Having An Affair
  • BRIDGET FLEMING: After Failing To Pay Own Taxes, New York Dem Bridget Fleming Voted To Hike Taxes for Everyone Else

“Democrats looking for Americans not paying their fair share need only look themselves in the mirrors,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “With Democrats in charge, there’s one set of rules for elites like themselves and another for everyone else.”