What They Are Saying: Socialism pays dividends to House GOP

The Democrats’ bear hug of far-left, socialist policies is paying dividends to House Republicans, putting Congressional Leadership Fund in better financial shape than ever, and generating widespread enthusiasm behind the effort to take back the House for Republicans in 2020.

Here’s what folks are saying about Congressional Leadership Fund’s record-setting war chest for 2020…

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Socialism “provides hope GOP can retake the House,” GOP “holding its own in critical race for campaign cash”

“Donors frightened of a socialist takeover in Washington have boosted support for House Republicans… providing a ray of hope for recapturing the majority in 2020.”

“Operatives involved in fundraising say the single biggest factor in the gold rush has been what donors are witnessing in the House and the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.”

“House Democrats are accumulating unrivaled war chests… [but] the House GOP is holding its own in the critical chase for campaign cash.”

POLITICO“Stronger-than-expected,” “record start” for GOP outside groups CLF and AAN

“Much of the Republican money this cycle is going to gravitate toward the presidential contest, so a $19 million haul in the first six months of 2019 is a stronger-than-expected start for the pair of groups. Last cycle, CLF had $3.5 million on hand at the same stage.”

WASHINGTON FREE BEACONMcCarthy, House GOP announce “massive” fundraising hauls

“The combined fundraising totals of the two organizations equals $19.3 million, which the CLF said is seven times greater than the sum of receipts from the same period during the last presidential cycle.”

“The announcement of record fundraising numbers for the organizations comes shortly after the House GOP leader himself announced a massive haul thus far in 2019: Kevin McCarthy’s fundraising committees netted a record $33.72 million.”