Well, this sounds familiar…

Protestors rallying at Congressional offices. Activists shouting down Members at town halls. Sound familiar?

Big difference: Indivisible and other far-left resistance groups have now turned their ire on vulnerable Congressional Democrats, vowing to make their lives miserable until they commit political suicide by backing their party’s most unpopular ideas, like impeachment.

  • This weekend, Congressman Josh Gottheimer’s (D-NJ) constituents protested outside his office, demanding “IMPEACHMENT NOW!,” and mocking him with a song titled “A Man Name Josh” sung to the tune of the theme of Beverly Hillbillies. (It’s a jam. Check it out VIDEO here).
  • Congressman Andy Kim (D-NJ) was shouted down at a town hall by constituents who screamed “DO YOUR JOB!” and demanded he impeach Trump.
  • The resistance flooded Congressman Antonio Delgado’s (D-`NY) town hall where he instantly folded, telling his protestors that “everything is on the table” on impeachment
  • Congresswoman Sharice Davids (D-KS) had her office stormed by liberal activists who refused to leave until she promised to shut down ICE.

The socialists won’t rest until House Democrats bow to their demands – but their friendly fire is only making their most endangered members more vulnerable than ever.

“The resistance left will stop at nothing until every single Democrat follows them off the cliff to socialism,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “With Indivisible and radical resistance groups coming for their own, it’s clear that no Democrat is safe from the party’s embrace of their wildest extremes.”