Watchdog requisitions documents on Rep. Susie Lee’s sketchy PPP loan deal

Congresswoman Susie Lee’s scandal over using the global pandemic to enrich herself just keeps getting worse.

A leftwing watchdog organization has now requisitioned all “paper and electronic records,” “documents,” “audio tapes,” “videotapes,” “text messages,” “voicemail messages,” and “emails” regarding any coronavirus loans issued to the company run by Congresswoman Lee’s husband, Full House Resorts, which received $5.6 million from taxpayers after Susie Lee lobbied for a change that allowed his company to cash in.

Congresswoman Lee already admitted she lied when she claimed “no knowledge” of the crooked deal after MSNBC called her out. I wonder what else Congresswoman Lee will have to admit she lied about when the rest of these documents come out.

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Read the full FOIA letter here.