Warren’s protégé mum on impeachment

With the Mueller report now public, Congresswoman Katie Porter has gone oddly silent the question of impeachment. After all, Congresswoman Porter is Elizabeth Warren’s protégé, and Elizabeth Warren is now one of the leading voices calling for the House of Representatives to bring up impeachment against the President.

So have any reporters checked in with Katie to see if she agrees with her mentor? Will Katie Porter follow her BFF Warren’s lead and demand the impeachment of President Trump? Or will she follow Nancy Pelosi in saying maybe impeachment isn’t such a great idea after all?

CLF COMMENT: “Congresswoman Porter is cowering in the corner waiting for the political winds to blow over when she owes it to her constituents to tell them where she stands,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Does Katie Porter support her mentor Elizabeth Warren’s efforts to impeach the President or not?”