Vulnerable dems risk it all to impeach Trump

According to reports, vulnerable House Democrats are embracing calls from their socialist base and are risking it all for their dreams of impeaching President Trump.

Suffice it to say: with 31 vulnerable House Democrats fighting to keep their seats in districts won by the President, with the Democrats’ own campaign arm saying the Mueller report is a total loser for their party, and with polling showing impeachment is broadly unpopular with the American people… adopting “impeach Trump” as the Democrats’ 2020 rally cry is probably the surest way they can put their seats back in Republican hands.

In case you missed it…

Vulnerable Democrats Split As Impeachment Pressure Mounts
Laura Barron-Lopez and Sarah Ferris
May 21, 2019

Freshman Democrats who delivered the House majority are starting to split under impeachment pressure as a number of those in competitive districts are now warming to the idea of launching proceedings against President Donald Trump.

As the administration continues to stonewall requests for documents — not just surrounding special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation but also around oversight probes into other agencies and Trump’s finances — Democrats are growing frustrated. Some freshmen are asking what recourse can be taken other than an impeachment inquiry — a tactic presented by a number of veteran Democratic leaders to strengthen their hand in court.

“We’re just getting closer and closer to a point where we have to do something,” said Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.), a freshman member of leadership who beat a GOP incumbent last fall. “Each of us is personally struggling because we see on so many levels … where he’s committed impeachable offenses.”

Until recently, the majority of Democrats in competitive districts have stayed away from calling for impeachment or even commenting on current investigations. But the growing interest in impeachment among several key battleground members could be a sign that the Democratic Caucus as a whole is inching toward taking drastic action to rebuke Trump — over the objections of leadership. Multiple vulnerable Democrats have said privately that refusing to pursue impeachment could hurt their reelection chances by depressing enthusiasm among the party’s base.

Even Democrats from safe districts privately worry that mounting talk of impeachment will carry the same political costs today as it did two decades ago for Republicans. They point to 1998, when Democrats defied history in Bill Clinton’s second midterm election cycle and gained seats amid a fierce impeachment battle with congressional Republicans.

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