VOX: “Biden’s American Rescue Plan worsened inflation.”

Even the far-left is now admitting that Democrats alone are responsible for the pain families are feeling from the gas station to the grocery store. Just look at today’s headline in Vox:

As if the headline didn’t tell the full story, the quotes inside reveal how Democrats cause the current economic devastation:

  • We put gasoline on the fire. That’s basically what the ARP did. It was almost written as if we didn’t just pass a trillion-dollar stimulus in December.”
  • “The US did a lot more stimulus than these other countries, and now it’s seeing a lot more core inflation. And the stimulus that most stands out is Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.
  • “In retrospect, it seems that Democrats simply didn’t take this seriously enough back in early 2021.”

In short: Democrats knew their spending would hurt American families, and they voted for it anyway.

“Democrats were warned that trillions of new spending would cause an inflation crisis, and yet they voted for it anyway,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Democrats put their political ambitions first and didn’t care what it cost American families. Voters will hold them accountable for it this November.”