Vargas’ Silence Is Deafening

Pace University and the University of Rochester – both alma maters of Tony Vargas  – have had antisemitic mobs crop up, set up an encampment, and completely disrupt campus life.

But Tony Vargas has said nothing.

Vargas hasn’t condemned these or any of the other hateful, antisemitic protests happening across campuses nationwide, which are overrun by agitators physically attacking and threatening Jewish students.

Vargas promised to stand up for the Jewish people, but where is he now?

“Tony Vargas’ silence is deafening,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Antisemitic mobs have set up shop at both of his alma maters, but he doesn’t have the backbone to speak out and condemn this blatant antisemitism. He should be ashamed.”