Underwood’s “cautious” approach (lol)

Today’s Chicago Sun-Times paints an unrealistically rosy picture of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and her first six months in Washington, saying she’s “charted a cautious course,” apparently overlooking the numerous times Underwood has completely lost her marbles with the unhinged left.

The truth is: Unhinged Underwood’s record stands out not for how “cautious” she’s been, but for just how radical she has become.

Let’s us count the ways…

  1. Endorsed by a radical left-wing group that wants to impeach Trump, abolish all Illinoisans’ private health insurance, and guarantee money for everyone unwilling to work.
  2. Compiled the most liberal voting record in the entire House, voting to the left of even self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
  3. Had a total melt down and accused border patrol of murdering children, which was swiftly condemned on a bipartisan basis.
  4. Defended radical leftist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her repeated anti-Semitic comments.
  5. Accepted thousands in campaign cash from Omar, too, and welcomed the radical’s support for her campaign.
  6. Proposed a massive tax cut for her wealthy donors that leaves the middle class with nothing.
  7. Endorsed by her fellow socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Need I go on?

Lauren Underwood may want to make-believe she’s a moderate (or a nurse for that matter), but Illinoisans are on to her game.