“uncomfortably high”

Inflation is spiraling out of control and “we’re likely to see another year in which 12 months inflation numbers remain very uncomfortably high,” according to Treasury Secretary Yellen. 

Bad news for Democrats who were hoping for a turnaround from headlines like these:

  • The Wall Street Journal: Inflation Is Taking Biggest Toll On Nonwhite Voters
  • Axios: Inflation is Hitting Battleground States Worse
  • Wisconsin Public Radio: Rising Gas Prices Fueling Frustration Among Rideshare And Delivery Drivers
  • ABC: Rising Prices Mean Local Family Budgets Stretched
  • NBC: Locals React, Struggle With Rising Prices From Inflation
  • Washington Examiner: Inflation rises to 10% in producer index, highest on record
  • NPR: Uber and Lyft add fuel surcharges to rides as gas prices surge nationwide

“Democrats set off an inflation crisis and have no plan to address it,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Democrats control every level of government and have nothing to show for it but prices that only keep going up.”