two quick things…

Congresswoman Underwood’s visit back home is NOT going like she planned.

First: Congresswoman Underwood rushed to the defense of Ilhan Omar’s blatant anti-Semitism. 

At a town hall meeting, Underwood declared that she accepts Omar’s apologies and will “take her at her word.” (VIDEO)

It’s a stunning defense of hateful rhetoric even Nancy Pelosi has condemned. Underwood has already taken thousands from Omar to fund her campaign. Her defense of these hateful remarks will only remind Illinoisans why Underwood is unfit to serve.

Second: Underwood keeps lying to her constituents about her tax plan.

At last night’s town hall, Underwood doubled-down on her claim that her bill to “fix” to the GOP tax cuts would “help middle-class families.”

But non-partisan analysis shows her tax bill is nothing but a HUGE giveaway to the wealthiest 1%, that will leave “little to zero” for the middle-class.

Underwood can have all the twitter meltdowns she wants over tax cuts for the wealthy, but her constituents can see — by her own bill — that she’s just another lying hypocrite.