Two-Faced Tom Tries to Rewrite History & Hide His Open-Borders Record

Democrat Tom Suozzi is up with a new ad promising to “work across the aisle… to secure our border” like he’s done “in the past.”


Tom Suozzi has only ever supported his party’s lawless, open-borders agenda:

  1. He bragged that he “kicked ICE out of Nassau County.”
  2. He repeatedly voted to fund the sanctuary city policies that are destroying New York.
  3. He voted against reporting illegal immigrants to ICE for attempting to purchase firearms.
  4. He was even awarded “Person of the Year” by an open-borders activism group that wants to block ICE and defund police.

Clearly, Suozzi knows his record is back to haunt him, as New Yorkers grapple with the devastating effects of Suozzi’s bestie Mayor Adams and ring-kissed boss Gov. Hochul’s migrant crisis.

“Adams crony and Hochul puppet Tom Suozzi can’t rewrite history, no matter how many dishonest ads he runs,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Suozzi is an open-borders extremist, and New Yorkers deserve better than two-faced Tom.”