total train wreck

What an embarrassing train wreck.

From the Democrats’ total meltdown on the border bill yesterday, to their insane sprint to the left in their first presidential primary debates, the Democrats have made clear they’re not only completely incapable of governing, but that there’s no idea too bizarre, too batty, or too irresponsible for the party they’ve become.

And make no mistake: vulnerable House Democrats will pay the price for it. Voters at home are watching a completely dysfunctional Democratic Party, taken over by radicals who want to give taxpayer-funded, free health care to illegal immigrants, who want to hike their taxes into oblivion, who openly admit they want to cancel every Americans’ health care, who think it shouldn’t even be a crime to cross the border illegally, and they couldn’t want to run faster or further away from them.

CLF Comment: “Today’s Democratic Party is proving itself extreme to the point of total dysfunction,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Their crazed sprint to the wildest fringes of their party is being irreversibly seared into voters’ minds, and there’s no way any Democrat running in a tough seat next year will be able to escape it.”