Tony Vargas Doesn’t Appreciate Law Enforcement

Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to one man who hasn’t shown much (if any) appreciation for law enforcement: Tony Vargas!

Remember when:

  1. Vargas joined a violent mob in Omaha that vandalized businesses and attacked police officers.
  2. After the riots, Vargas denounced law enforcement’s response and accused police of “violence” against the rioters.
  3. The Omaha Police Officer’s Association clapped back at Vargas for his lies, calling out his “false, irresponsible and dangerous” comments.

Look no further than the Omaha Police Officer’s Association endorsing Rep. Don Bacon not once, but twice over the failed congressional candidate – clearly they know who backs the blue.

“In words and actions, Tony Vargas has made himself abundantly clear: He is an anti-police radical who sides with criminals over law enforcement,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.