TJ Cox’s most dreaded day of the year

It’s Congressman TJ Cox’s most dreaded day of the year – Tax Day. Which means it’s time for all of us to finally get those taxes done – and time for Congressman TJ Cox to finally pay up.

TJ Cox still owes taxpayers more than $145,000 in unpaid taxes. And despite owing the IRS six-figures, took as much as $700,000 from taxpayers through the coronavirus relief programs intended for small business. 

And there’s still no telling how much TJ’s debt to taxpayers will continue to grow after this year’s filing.

We’ll be watching!

“Tax Day is the perfect day to remember that Congressman TJ Cox wants to raise Californians’ taxes, despite refusing to pay his own fair share,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “That’s about as low as it gets in Washington, even for a sleaze like TJ Cox.”