Titus tells Nevadans to buy $60,000 EV’s to avoid $5 gas

Nevadans are facing some of the highest in the nation gas prices and southern Nevada recorded the highest prices *ever* recently. 

But Dina Titus’ only solution is telling Americans to go buy super-spendy new electric cars, adding it “will play into the administration’s goal of having fifty percent electric cars by 2030.”

REMINDER: The average cost of an EV is $60,054twice the median household income in Nevada.

And should we remind Dina that, thanks to the inflation she caused, new and used cars are at an all-time high too?

Where does Dina expect Nevadans to find that kind of cash?

Dina Titus is so out of touch she thinks Nevadans struggling to pay $5 a gallon for gas can afford to go buy $60,000 electric vehicles,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “After 3 decades in elected office, Dina Titus clearly has no idea how hard it is for working Nevadans to make ends meet in the economic disaster she created.”