the right headlines for Rep. Stevens’ first 100 days

What planet does Haley Stevens think she’s living on?

CBS Detroit asked the Congresswoman to write her own newspaper headline to describe her job performance for her first 100 days.

Her answer? “Exuberant Freshman Overjoyed To Be In Congress And Representing The People Who She Adores.”

I’m sorry, what?!

Since Congresswoman Stevens appears to be living in a bubble, we propose these corrected headlines for what Rep. Stevens and her friends have really been up to her first 100 days:

  • Terrorists Voting: Stevens, Democrats on Defense as Bernie Sanders Proposes Allowing Terrorists To Vote 
  • Defending Hate: Stevens Accepts Thousands From Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar, While Democrats Try Distance Themselves 
  • Ending Health Care: Rep. Stevens Backs Proposal To Cancel Health Plans for 5 Million Michiganders 
  • Green New Scam: Socialist Green New Deal Would Destroy Michigan’s Auto Industry; Haley Stevens Defends It As A “Work in Progress 
  • Extremism Rising: Ocasio-Cortez Takes Over Democratic Party, Rep. Stevens Praises Her As A “Dynamic Rock Star” 
  • Democrat Dysfunction: Rep. Stevens And Democrats Completely Dysfunctional As Party Repeatedly Fails To Even Pass A Budget

  • Pelosi Puppet: Stevens Proves Herself A Liar, Votes For Pelosi After Promising To Oppose Her On Campaign Trail

  • Protecting Bigotry: Michiganders Demand Answers from Haley Stevens on Rashida Tlaib’s Bigotry

With Haley Stevens’s tenure already off to such a rocky start, it’s no wonder her chosen headline tries to gloss over the very tumultuous kick off to her first 100 days.