“The paper trail alone is pretty damning.”

Sleazy TJ Cox is hiding from the media once again because he has no defense for his latest abuse of his office.

Over the weekend, KSEE hosted a panel that dove into Sleazy TJ’s latest scandal, where he leveraged his position as a Member of Congress to snag some sweet vacation passes to Yosemite.

Needless to say, TJ is NOT going to like what was said about him by the local experts:

  • “Pretty unethical two years in Congress.”
  • “The paper trail alone is pretty damning”
  • “How damaging is this? Is this the end of the line? There’s been a lot of missteps by Congressman Cox over his first two years in office. Is this the end of the line?”
  • “It’s the drip, drip, drip of Congressman Cox’s tenure.”
  • “TJ Cox under fire this week”
  • “Cox allegedly used his office to gain entry to Yosemite on July 4th”

Making matters worse, TJ’s brilliant strategy is now to have his aides hang up on reporters when asked for comment. A+