Terrorists voting: Is Underwood still “honored” to have Kamala’s support?

Proving there’s no proposal too radical for the Democrats these days, in a televised town hall last night Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders proposed allowing convicted terrorists like the Boston Marathon Bomber to vote from behind bars. (VIDEO HERE)

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood said she was “humbled and honored” to have Kamala Harris’s endorsement.

So now that Kamala Harris is proposing allowing terrorists, murderers, and rapists to vote from their prison cells, will Underwood stand up and condemn this madness or will she continue giving her blessing to even her party’s most extreme proposals?

Reminder: the Boston Marathon Bomber unleashed weapons of mass destruction on hundreds of innocent Americans, killing three people and injuring at least 280 more.

CLF Comment: “Democrats’ ideas have become so extreme that they’re now more concerned with making sure terrorists get their absentee ballots in prison than solving the real problems Americans face,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Rather than standing with Kamala Harris and her dangerous ideas like allowing convicted terrorists, sex offenders and murderers to vote from behind bars, Congresswoman Underwood should show some backbone and condemn her party’s insanity outright.”