Susie Lee rated worst of the worst for conflicts of interest

Business Insider released the results of its “Conflicted Congress” project revealing “the depths of lawmakers’ conflicts-of-interest,” “self-dealing,” and disregard for laws “designed to prevent corruption at the highest levels of American government.”

Their ratings identified Congresswoman Susie Lee as among the worst of the worst, earning her a “danger” rating, “the lowest rating on the scale and an indication of significant disclosure issues or conflicts of interest.”

The Congresswoman’s distinction comes after lobbying for special loopholes to get millions in taxpayer money for her personal business interests and more than 200 violations of the federal STOCK Act.

“Congresswoman Susie Lee embodies Washington corruption at its absolute worst,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Susie Lee used her office to make herself rich, then tried to hide it from her constituents, giving Nevadans every reason to show her the door next November.”