Susie Lee: ackshually, don’t believe women

Susie Lee finally spoke up on the serious allegations of sexual assault against Joe Biden. Her take: JK don’t believe women, after all.

Susie Lee told the Nevada Independent today on the allegations against Biden: “It’s been out, it’s been vetted, and I believe the vice president.

Talk about a complete 180 from saying that “believing a survivor of sexual assault should not be a partisan issue,” which she said about Kavanaugh when the political shoe was on the other foot.

“Turns out Susie Lee only thinks believing survivors of sexual assault ‘should not be a partisan issue’ as long those survivors don’t accuse any Democrats,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Susie Lee is a hypocrite, a fraud, and should be embarrassed for her trying to cover up the very serious allegations levied against Joe Biden.”