Susan Wild Is Wildly Out of Touch

Congresswoman Susan Wild told MSNBC yesterday that the economic crisis is “greatly exaggerated” and “we’re in really great shape going into 2022.”

Utterly delusional considering:

  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted inflation isn’t transitory just last week.
  • A disappointing jobs report showed less than half of jobs expected were created.
  • A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll showed 90% of Americans are concerned with the economy and 87% are concerned with inflation.

“Susan Wild has her head buried in the sand as Pennsylvanians’ paychecks are rapidly eaten away by inflation caused by Democrats’ wasteful spending,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “If Susan Wild thinks families are ‘exaggerating’ about the skyrocketing prices they are facing, then clearly she’s so out of touch with the working class that she has no business representing them in Congress.”