Sue Altman Ties Exposed with Pro-Illegal Immigration Group

A new report revealed that the group Sue Altman recently campaigned with, Make the Road NJ, backs a far-left, pro-illegal immigration agenda fighting for sanctuary cities, defunding ICE and CBP, and fast-tracking citizenship for all illegal immigrants

And not only did the progressive activist campaign with them, Altman joined Make the Road NJ in 2020 to push for illegal immigrants to receive stimulus checks in New Jersey.

But Sue Altman has long advocated for an open-borders agenda when running the NJ chapter of the Working Families Party – backing pro-illegal immigration policies like giving illegal immigrants access to driver’s licenses, providing financial aid for college in New Jersey, and abolishing ICE.

“If progressive Sue Altman had her way, our border would stay wide open, the illegal immigration crisis would only get worse, and New Jersey taxpayers would be footing an even steeper bill,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.