Speaker McCarthy’s Winning Streak and Ability to Divide Democrats

A new Axios report lays out Speaker McCarthy’s ability to identify issues that divide Democrats and how “McCarthy’s forces have been more united than House Democrats during the first six months of this Congress.”

Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans have been able to divide Democrats on several issues, including:

  • Crime – overturning the new D.C. criminal code, an issue where the White House abandoned House Democrats and ultimately supported.
  • COVID-19 – ending the COVID emergency, dividing 197 House Dems who voted against it from Biden.
  • Israel – making House Democrats take a vote to support Israel after Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal called Israel “a racist state.”

CLF President Dan Conston said, “It is normally easy to stay united in the minority, but Speaker McCarthy continues to find ways to divide Democrats and divide House Democrats from the White House. He intuitively understands where the country is and keeps putting forward mainstream bills that show just how far left much of the Democratic party is.”

Read the full Axios story here: McCarthy’s winning streak