Spanberger blasted by constituents at heated town hall meeting

Abigail Spanberger received a less-than-welcome greeting at her heated town hall this weekend where her constituents put her on blast for trying to impeach President Trump. And honestly, the quotes from her actual constituents are way more brutal than anything I could write for this release… just take a look:

  • “She doesn’t represent us. What has she done since she’s taken office to help this country, not a damn thing?”


  • On impeachment, “It’s bulls***”


  • “It’s lies, all lies. You know that.”


  • “Do you really honestly feel impeachment is going to be in the best interest of this country?”


  • “Do you side more with [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi and your party than with your constituency? If more with the party, how do you justify that?

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PS – They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Can’t you just feel her constituents’ anger in this pic from the meeting?

Not good!

Check out the full story from her disaster of a town hall meeting here.