Some questions for Harley Rouda

Months after his election, Harley Rouda is hosting his first town hall tonight. If his first few months in office are any indication, he will continue dodging tough questions about his record.

Here are a few questions to get the fun started:

  • Kamala Harris endorsed Rouda in 2018—will he repay the favor and endorse her presidential campaign, complete with the plan to “eliminate” private health insurance?
  • Will Rouda keep trying to pretend his support for Medicare for All never happened?
  • How does Rouda square his support for Medicare for All when his own workers had to sue him to receive health insurance from his real estate empire?
  • Does Rouda agree with Cory Booker’s belief that Americans need to eat less red meat to lower carbon footprints?
  • Does he still support raising California’s gas tax by 12 cents a gallon, a measure that Orange County voters rejected by almost 100,000 votes?

Harley can’t hide forever.