Soft-on-Crime Sykes & Her Anti-Police Agenda Jeopardizes Ohio’s Kids

Emilia Sykes and her party’s soft-on-crime agenda is hitting her home state hard.

new report revealed an unprecedented” trend happening in Cleveland, where children are increasingly becoming victims of murder and other violent crimes.

As crime spikes in Ohio, Emilia Sykes’ liberal, anti-police policies helped set the stage:

If this wasn’t bad enough, Emilia Sykes is backed by organizations that support defunding the police, and she’s accepted thousands in campaign cash from anti-law enforcement groups.

“Emilia Sykes champions her party’s pro-crime, anti-law enforcement agenda that puts criminals ahead of victims,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Ohio voters can’t trust soft-on-crime Sykes to help make their communities safe or protect their families.”